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As a freelancer I dedicate my works to all graphics enthusiasts. My sole motto is to introduce this blog to creative guys who want to practice innovation in graphics designing. Check out my archives for my works. From 12th June onward I would like to present you to the world of Branding. A world where brands are built, designed and tested for there successful entry into the market. It would be greatly helpful to small time entrepreneurs based on service industry for marketing there serviceability.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

BRANDING...Case Study of a Sea food Restaurant Business

For me branding of product or service is like developing an instincts or awareness among its consumers for successful positioning of the same in the widely distributed market. Branding involves beautifully crafted tagline, face value, involvement of celebrities, tricky USPs and many more. I would cover branding of all major business houses without concentrating on the products or service's financial feasibility, business expansion and expenses incurred for marketing. This month my target would be FOOD and Beverages Industry. Unique Selling Proposition is one of the important branding tools that make deep impact over majority range of a well distributed market. For example check out the USP of Domino's Pizza: "You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or else it's free." 
My new venture includes an example of a restaurant dealing with sea foods. Check it out........... A restaurant specializing in Sea foods must carefully deal with the marketing of its service. A Sea front location, abundant availability of fresh sea foods, a trust worthy chef would not grab your customer's attention. An efficient marketing strategy must be drawn to reach your customers. At all major sea destinations, the sea food restaurants, hotels and street vendors have piled up leading to huge competition. Emerging out of all of them you have to prove yourself as best. Such businesses don’t go for aggressive advertising. Due to local presence they have to advertise in a local level. Apart from reference marketing the owners must go for certain personal level advertising attracting foreign tourists to your Restaurants. A brochure or business card can work wonders. You can distribute them in handy. While preparing a brochure you must be careful regarding maintaining its originality, unique purpose, USP, tagline, logo, background theme and many other aspects that lead towards a perfect market positioning of your service. Only attractive designs won't work, it should also include professionalism and catchy USPs and tagline. 
Any way check out this example..... of a sea food restaurant name "Chef Crab".    

Chef Crab - Chef's Choice

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Check out the new look of my blog.....This time its all about branding, designing, marketing...More... Each month I would include innovative names, logos design, business concepts, strategies for efficient marketing for different service sector business houses.....